Список изменений в версии 6.23:
  • pptp - fixed problem where tunnel stopped transmitting packets under heavy load
  • web proxy - caching in RAM for boards with 32MB or less RAM will not cache any content
  • leds - removed 'led' command and added support for 'on', 'off' types under 'system leds'
  • files - allow to move files between different disks in winbox
  • dhcpv4 server - fix adding address lists from radius
  • dhcpv4 server - make radius classless static route tag as dhcp vendor specific
  • smb - fixed HDD used/free space reporting
  • made powerpc metarouters work again (were broken in v6.22)
  • disks - fixed fat32 formatting where some bogus files with strange names were created (to delete existing files reformatting is needed)
  • disks - fixed problem where some of USB disks were not recognized
  • fetch - allow checking certificate trust without crl checking
  • userman - fix more web session problems when user uses customer and administrator interfaces at the same time
  • snmp - fix external storage info reporting
  • snmp - fix bulk walk problem introduced in v6.20
  • fix tunnels - keep keepalive disabled for existing tunnels when upgrading
  • fix tunnels - mtu for eoip tunnels was not allowed to be set less than 1280 since 6.20
  • using routing-marks could lead to tunnel loop detection to turn off tunnels

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