Список изменений в версии 6.29:
  • ssh server - use custom generated DH primes when possible
  • ipsec - allow to specify custom IP address for my_id parameter
  • ovpn server - use subnet topology in ip mode if netmask is provided (makes android & ios clients work)
  • console - allow '-' characters in unknown command argument names
  • snmp - fix rare bug when some OIDs where skipped
  • ssh - added aes-ctr cipher support
  • mesh - fixed kernel crash
  • ipv4 fasttrack fastpath - accelerates connection tracking and nat for marked connections (more than 5x performance improvement compared to regular slow path conntrack/nat) - currently limited to TCP/UDP only
  • added ~fasttrack-connection~ firewall action in filter/mangle tables for marking connections as fasttrack
  • added fastpath support for bridge interfaces - packets received and transmitted on bridge interface can go fastpath (previously only bridge forwarded packets could go fastpath)
  • packets now can go half-fastpath - if input interface supports fastpath and packet gets forwarded in fastpath but output interface does not support fastpath or has interface queue other than only-hw-queue packet gets converted to slow path only at the dst interface transmit time
  • trafflow: add natted addrs/ports to ipv4 flow info
  • tilegx: enable autoneg for sfp ports in netinstall
  • health - fix voltage on some RB4xx
  • romon - fix 100% CPU usage
  • romon - moved under tools menu in console
  • email - store hostname for consistency
  • vrrp - do not reset interface when no interesting config changes
  • fixed async. ppp server
  • sstp - fixed router lockup
  • queue tree: some queues would stop working after some configuration changes
  • fixed CRS226 10G ports could lose link (introduced in 6.28)
  • fixed FREAK vulnerability in SSL & TLS
  • firewall - fixed sector writes rising starting since 6.28
  • improved support for new hEX lite

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