Начиная с версии RouterOS v6.36 пакет "wireless-fp" перестанет поддерживаться, необходимо перейти на пакет "wireless-cm2" (или "wireless-rep").


Новое в версии 6.34.2:

  • dude - updated to the latest Release Candidate revision (v6.35rc11)
  • dude - (changes discussed here: forum.mikrotik.com)
  • chr - fixed high rate limitation
  • dhcpv6 client - fix pd hint with empty address
  • ipsec - fix console peer aes enc algorithm display
  • l2tp - ipsec peer & policy sometimes was not removed after l2tp interface disable
  • log - try not to loose disk messages and warn if lost any
  • lte - fix allowed bands for RBSXTLTE3-7
  • pptp - fixed kernel crash when receiving fragmented packet with fragmented header
  • proxy - store error.html on flash if it is available
  • ssh - fixed connection stalling
  • ssh - make export verbose work
  • switch - make "sa-learning=yes" by default when adding Ingress VLAN Translation rules
  • tile - fixed possible kernel failure with disabled watchdog timer caused by DDoS attack
  • ups - fix waiting for AC power restore in hibernate mode
  • winbox - added factory-firmware field to system/routerboard
  • winbox - fixed email address saving
  • winbox - fixed multi value field display (i.e. web proxy ports)
  • winbox - incomplete ARP entries are not refreshed
  • www - fixed www crash

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