Список изменений в версии 6.25:
  • certificates - fix SCEP RA operation and SCEP client when operating with RA
  • ppp - report authentication failure cause like in v6.6
  • ovpn server - added support for address lists
  • improved boot times
  • api - fixed missing return values of some commands
  • ntp - fixed vulnerabilities
  • mpls/vpls have improved per core balancing on CCRs
  • fixed queue tree no-mark matching (was broken since 6.24)
  • fixed nested simple queues (was broken since 6.24)
  • fixed occasional crash when ipv6 was used
  • fixed route cache overflow (ipv4/ipv6 stops working) if ipsec is used
  • fixed Omnitik upgrade from v5 where wireless config was not correctly saved
  • fixed Webfig Design Skin where some skin changes were not saved
  • WPS support added to CM2 wireless package

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